Welcome to my new website, Out of the Press, its gestation somewhat longer than I intended, but I thought it better to things right before  going live. That said, please excuse any glitches in these early days; I’m no technical literate.

I hope everyone who visits will find something that will make them laugh, cry or even find really interesting. What can you expect? News, views and reviews, as on most other websites, but hopefully distinctively my own. In the old Grape, I tended to write longer articles less often; my intention is to reverse that here with more regular, shorter pieces as well as the occasional longer one.

With regard to reviews, there will be no point looking immediately to the end to find a score, because there won’t be one. I hope by describing a wine to give an idea of style, quality, the possible benefits of ageing and something about the vintage in general. There are also quite likely to be phrases such as ‘This is jolly good’,  ‘Grrrrrrr’ or ‘Good, but not my style’. What I would like to achieve is for any reader to have confidence from my reviews whether he or she will like the wine, not something a score readily promotes.

I intend maintaining the independence we all enjoyed on the old Grape, ie no advertising and declarations of interest where appropriate. I shall not hold back on either praise or criticism but shall try to give sound reasons for both.

Finally, Out of the Press might be my site but it will become so much more fun and, I’m sure, interesting with your input, feedback and suggestions, so please don’t hold back on those.

I’m off to the Swartland tomorrow to taste Eben Sadie’s latest vintages – I can’t think of a much better way than kicking off Out of the Press blogs .. so watch this space!



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